CardioFlux User Personas

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User Personas were used to identify users for each CardioFlux application.

A single Sketch template was created to consolidate layout and design. This allowed each persona to maintain its own individual context without being affected by layout changes.



The persona template included the following information:

  • CardioFlux Application Name
  • Persona Name
  • Roles (used to trigger feature flags)
  • Characteristics (such as open-minded, rushed, practical)
  • Short bio including estimated age, occupation, and location within a hospital
  • Expanded roles broken down by application (if applicable)
  • User Goals



Three initial personas were created prior to each application's development cycle.

Readers: Doctors (ER or cardiologist) who are open to reviewing new technology. They want to be able to understand the application with minimal training and review scans as quickly as possible.

Ordering Physicians: Doctors, readers, admins, or operators who create orders for a scan. They value the confidence to move patients through the ER and rely on being able to view data from each scan.

Operators: Technicians and/or nurses who perform orders for a scan. They monitor the quality of scans executed on patients in the ER.